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Page 9 of 12 - HDMI-CEC problems - posted in [EN] Enduser support: regarding LG tv - standby is not supported by TVs means exactly that tv does not react to the standby command from other devices (w/ libcec), but it sends standby command fine;have lg plasma myself, and had to get used to this unfortunately...the only solution that I found on the net was wait for the next lg firmware for your ...
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Consumer Electronics Control (or CEC) is a feature of HDMI to allow users to control devices through their HDMI port. If you have a Chromecast and you’ve noticed that your TV automatically switches to the correct input when your Chromecast starts playing something, that’s CEC at work.
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In combination with the right hardware, libcec allows to control a device with a TV remote control utilizing existing HDMI cabling. libCEC is an enabling platform for the CEC bus in HDMI. It allows developers to interact with other HDMI devices without having to worry about the communication overhead, handshaking, and the various ways of ...
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【Fernbedienung und manuelle Umschaltung】 Automatische CEC-Steuerung zum Ein- und Ausschalten des Fernsehers über die Fernbedienung. Switch HDMI-Quellen wie PS3 / PS4 / X-BOX360 / Notebook / DVD / PC können über die IR-Fernbedienung oder die Taste am Switch ausgewählt werden. 可以看出,除了axi_hdmi_tx的IP还会调用common下的IP core 源码,所以在使用ADI 官方HDMI IP core的时候,最好把HDL整个文件夹当成一个整体,如果只把这个文件夹axi_hdmi_tx,copy出来,那么在generate outputs的时候会报错的。当然也可以是自己修改下路径,把不用的IP去掉。
AB CryptoBox 702T mini podporuje HDMI CEC,funguje,skvele DO,vytecne moznosti umisteni,prehledne ceske menu zdalo by se ideal,ALE!!! Vse bohuzel totalne zazdi priserna citlivost tuneru,overeno u dvou kousku,kdy jiz pri slabem desticku se rozpada,kostickuje a vypadava obraz.Dobre snad pro prazaky,s primym vyhledem na Zizkovske monstrum,pokud ... Hi, when using android 7.1.1 stock firmware on KIII PRO (S912), power on LG TV (CEC) is done automatically when I power on KIII PRO BOX. However when I tried Libreelec or Coreelec I can not get the LG TV power on when I power on KIII PRO. I can control KODI with TV remote controller no problem, also Simplink logo is visible on HDMI source TV screen. Same power on issue I am facing with Samsung ...
I have CEC working with a Harmony Hub. I had to use CEC so my technically challenged wife could use the cable TV remote to turn on my TV, AVR, and cable box with a single button push, and control the volume on the DVR by default with the cable remote.
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